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Dedicated Educators

We are a diverse group of educators,cultural awareness groups, corporations, and individuals from all classes of society who volunteer their time and skills to helping our local communities share the joys of appreciating their different languages spoken from different parts of Asia, Southeast Asia,  South Asia, Africa, Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia.  We welcome all peoples from different backgrounds of society to help share the diversity of our research, discussion, and education of Austronesian linguistics, Austronesian studies, and the different arts within the different regions of Austronesia.

First-Rate Course Offerings

Austronesian Languages Alliance offers different courses and classes on the instruction of learning different languages at one of our events and festivals.  Our one-day courses help festival attendees learn the basics of the languages being offered at the event.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help preserve and educate our local communities of the importance of cultural diversity through events celebrating  the variety of languages spoken throughout different regions that have a historical presence of Austronesian cultures and languages.  We are nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational alliance of individual volunteers and donors who welcome new members to join our educational,cultural events in understanding the that our services help promote sustainable tourism, creates jobs in the different regional tourism industries, create new opportunities within the book publishing economy,and  helps societies to diversify their economy  with new industries of job creation that preserve, promote, and educate the the different languages of Austronesians.

Course Catalog

(100 A) Introduction to Austronesian Studies

(100 B) Introduction to Austronesian linguistics

(100 C) Introduction to Austronesian cinema, music, and dances

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